Rockwell Automation Motor Repair and Rebuild

Rockwell Automation Motor Repair

USA MOTOR REPAIR offers complete Rockwell Automation industrial motor repair services. We service Rockwell Automation motors from several industries. Our Technicians have over 60 years of combined experience in Rockwell Automation Motor Repair, Rebuilding, and reconditioning.

Rockwell Automation Motor Repair

The Rockwell Automation company was founded by Lynde Bradley and Dr. Stanton Allen in 1903 and manufactured its first patented product in 1904 which was a Carbon Disc Compression Type Motor Controller for Industrial Cranes. The company grew its product line during World War I due to receiving government contracted work allowing them to produce automatic starters, circuit breakers, relays and other electrical equipment, The company continued incremental growth till the 1970’s when Rockwell Automation expanded its production facilities as well as the markets it provided solutions for making itself an international provider of industrial solutions in the 80s. The company would continue to grow its product line while its motors continued to evolve with design as well as with the modernized software PowerFlex which was designed to aid with manufacturing automation in the modern age.

Rockwell Automation Motor Repair

USA Motor Repair is an industrial AC/DC Motor Repair facility focusing on repairing all types of industrial electric motors 50 hp and up. We offer free freight and free quotes nationwide as well as a 24 month warranty. We also offer 24 to 48 hour emergency rush repair services for when you need your motor repaired ASAP. Rockwell Automation Motors are top of the line pieces of equipment that are designed to last a long time but eventually do break down. Normally this is where you would be instructed by the OEM to purchase a brand new one where as USA Motor Repair can save you up to 60 percent compared to buying new by simply repairing your existing motor.

All of our Motor Repair Technicians are certified and highly trained with years of experience ensuring that they repair your motor correctly the first time. We have worked as Rockwell Automation Motor Repair Pros for decades with familiary and actual blueprints as we have always made a habit of making full parts breakdowns and blueprints of every motor we repair ensuring that we always have access as motors eventually become obsolete and often OEMS prefer not to offer support as it wouldnt encourage customers to upgrade if they simply repaired their motors.

Once your Rockwell Automation Motor makes it past our bay doors it is immediately disassembled and tested on a KE bench before performing the initial cut and burn off and coil stripping. We make sure to record all the data to know how the motor is operating when we got it to compare to the final repair through our dynamic testing system. Our Industrial Motor Repair process then continues with sandblasting and washed through and industrial parts washer. We check and test and if needed replace or repair any laminations in the installations before winding any new coils and lacing by hand prior to dipping and baking. We then begin to partially reassemble the motor to perform another series of tests to ensure we are rebuilding the motor to spec before we balance and spin the rotor and coat the exterior with a temperature resistant polymer designed to prevent overheating and vibration. Your Rockwell Automation motor is now repaired to like new standards to match OEM specifications.

After passing another series of Quality tests your motor is then certified with our 24 month warranty which goes into effect when you install your Rockwell automation Motor back into production. Just give us a call or send us an email so we can update the account. If your Rockwell Automation Motor is in need of repair please give us a call at (909)247-3610 or Request a Quote online. If you have any questions regarding our 24 to 48 Hour Emergency Rush Repair Service contact me directly at

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Rockwell Automation Inspection and Dynamic Motor Testing

After receiving your Rockwell Automation Industrial Motor it will be torn down, cleaned and put through intensive dynamic testing to determine the faults. This information is then sent over along with a quote and an estimate on the time it will take to refurbish the Rockwell Automation Industrial Motor. Any defective parts will be repaired or replaced. All Rockwell Automation motors are rebuilt with new hardware, seals and gaskets. Our process ensures each part is installed correctly and each Rockwell Automation motor is fully sealed.

Free Rockwell Automation Freight Nationwide

After final tests of each Industrial Rockwell Automation motor is reviewed and recoated with an industrial powder coating to protect the Industrial Rockwell Automation motor from the harsh environment located in the production areas. Connectors receive protective covers and each motor is packaged carefully in our custom packaging system to protect your motor in shipping.

Rockwell Automation 24/7 Emergency Rush Repair

We understand that down time can be costly. However, if lead times aren't suitable for your production needs we always recommend repair and remanufacturing of industrial Rockwell Automation equipment. Should you need to cut down down-time significantly we are always stocked with critical spare parts (bearings, seals, shims, gaskets, brushes, rotors, magnets, and more!) in order to complete an emergency rush repair when needed to allow you to get back up to full production.